Cliffside EP

by Maddock

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ep, thank you


released April 22, 2017

Andrew - mouth, guitar
Evan - bass
Seth - drums



all rights reserved


Maddock Erie, Pennsylvania

Seth, Evan and Andrew makin' jams

Post-Punk / Dance-Punk

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Track Name: Cliffside
i swipe at you, feral, with my servant's hand
a knave upon your heart my dear and only friend
your cross, your crucifix, your corizon
your limbs arranging, calling my self home

come into my mouth and come all through my hands
flowing out my broken speakers, then silence them
muertos visage, keep my eyes away
"votre l'eau vive, javale, assoifé"

your porcelain cartesian beauty unleashes waves of alchemy on me
pummel me and sacrifice me
ghostly fingers brush by, icy

inside colours get so loud
ears are ringing in your whisper deafening sound
you are so, so far above
i am leaping from the cliffside to your love.
Track Name: Blemishes
when you twirl me down
winter's breathing in your dress
swallowing your tears, my head is open for your mess

venus cut of stone
honeyed wine is on your lips
i'm the lesser one
feel it on my finger-tips?


seniors laughing, stars bursting
they don't look, they died so long ago
suck the heat
through the concrete
naked bodies peeling in the snow.
Track Name: Caught in a Lie
my friends are frolicking upon the loam
i'm in a bunk bed
all my brave sweaters are folded in my closet
a rhinestone has been jammed in where a ruby should be
but now they've spotted me
the rhythms in my brain get fragile and erratic
i want to be ceramic but i'm just spitting static

'cause i'm caught in a lie
but it's funny, 'cause
i would like to meet your grandparents sometime.
Track Name: Little Death
girl, your halo's burning me
blush, ashamed to say i'm pleased
blush, my crush has drugged my knees
crushed, like dead leaves under trees

paint your name onto the sky
hold my hand and watch me die
crush, i'm scraping for your touch
brush me, snow me, watch me rust

oh, i'm fevering
just a little bit of little death.